A robust, secure delivery solution based on Artinii.Pro's proprietary, patent pending technology. A safe environment for your creative work. Including offline screenings.

A unique offline&online solution based on Artinii’s patent pending Cinema Player technology
A professional player for public screenings. Screen your films in the highest quality and enjoy the easy to use interface developed in partnership with many projectionists and professionals, with their needs in mind. The player provides the highest level of security together with the possibility to create playlists with pre-rolls and post-rolls. Download it free of charge on the Microsoft Store for Windows or right here for Mac OS.

Artinii.Pro in numbers

More than
screenings through Artinii.Pro platforms in last 6 months
More than
registered users
Artinii.Pro is being used in
Artinii.Pro helped deliver Kofola's Kofokino - a series of summer screenings
120 films, 172 locations
over 20.000 visitors

When in the system, a film is processed for a delivery within
30 minutes
multiplexes in Nigeria use Artinii Content Delivery and the Artinii Cinema Player for their screenings

Grow Your Reach & Revenue

Artinii.Pro is the leading solution for monetising content and offering it for public screenings globally.

Focus on offering a shared film experience.

The content owner has full control over where and when the content is played, and is able to set regional restrictions and pricing conditions for each country.
Focus on network effects
Content delivery

Content delivery

The easiest way is to send the films from the rights holder directly to the location where the public screening will take place. As seen in practice at thousands of venues around the world. Send your content securely and with one or two clicks.

White Label - Public Screenings

Launch your own marketplace for public screenings with our superior technology right on your website and allow your customers to order their projection directly from you. Add your own payment gateway, or use our own.

Artinii’s White Label is a cloud-based solution which helps filmmakers, producers, distributors and other content owners efficiently promote, offer, license and digitally deliver films to destinations anywhere in the world, including cinemas, schools, restaurants, festivals, institutions, and more.
White label

Film Festival Solution

Powering your Film Festival with an innovative solution. Hybrid - Virtual - In person

With Artinii.Pro, you can be one step ahead of the competition and have your festival ready for an online, as well as an in person version at the same time! Are you forward-thinking? Let’s take it a step further into the future and host both versions straight away! We offer a solution for Hybrid Festivals in the full sense of the word, which carries many benefits for your festival. The Artinii Film Festival Solution, enables you to set up an in-person festival, move it online, or present a true Hybrid online/offline Festival experience in a streamlined, secure and easy fashion.

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Cloud-based, cost effective technology for all your public, theatrical and non-theatrical screenings anywhere in the world.

Secure Your Content with the Best-in-Class DRM & Patent Pending Technology

  • Studio standard DRM
  • Invisible and inaudible Forensic Watermarking in every delivery includes location and ID information
  • Blockchain protection done by Mytitle.com
  • Playback restrictions based on the rules set for each specific screening or delivery
  • GPS locator in our mobile app
  • Patent pending technology
Security statement

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